About Us

Tinutz® is a newly and booming brand dedicating in providing clients with best titanium solutions and premium service. It marries the mechanics of engineering with the art of manufacturing to produce the finest titanium products.

Tinutz manufactures a wide range of titanium products, such as lug nuts, shift knob, lug bolts, steering wheel screw, exhaust stud kits, valve stem caps, flange bolts, washer, etc. No matter what style, finish, or price you’re looking for, your needs will always be satiated here.

Our products are designed and constructed to strict engineering quality standards in order to make sure long-lasting durability and are manufactured with high corrosion resistance to combat rust in any environment. All products are made of Gr5 titanium (Ti-6Al-4V) for structural integrity, and anodized or PVD finishes that will not flake or chip off for lasting beauty.  

Available in multiple styles and finishes, they match the originals to blend in with the overall aesthetic design of your vehicle. 

If you are not sure of the exact thread pitch your vehicle needs, please ask before ordering and we will be happy to help.